a new way to mani pedi.

Gone are the days of overwhelming fumes, cross-contamination, bad customer service and involuntary blood donation.  We've created the safest and cleanest mani pedi in the country along with a line of products and non-toxic nail polish and can't wait for you to give it a try.

good for you

Forget overwhelming fumes or involuntarily giving blood, because of a painful and unnecessary cut. Our unique nail care system is the best.  We're talking about client sanitation and safety that exceeds any state regulation in the United States. Yaaassss, Clean. Yaaasss!

good for the earth

Each pedi saves approx. 15 gallons of water. Since all implements are one-time use (and we mean ALL - nail clippers too), no harmful or toxic chemicals, like hospital grade solutions are put into the water supply. So whether fish are your friends or your food, it's all good.

you can sit with us

Experience a more laid back type of vibe, where you can kick back with a great magazine, awesome tunes or find the time for a quick nap.

online booking 24/7

You can book your appointment in real time.  92% of our appointments are booked after hours.  ok convenience, we see you.